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Is your data safe?
Many home users and small businesses don't currently have adequate data backups.  Some have only locally saved media such as external hard drives which would be destroyed in the event of a fire.  Others simply have no backups at all.  Hardware failures and viruses are the two most common causes of data loss.   

Backup Bucket makes backing up data simple and secure
Since our software runs as a service on your computer, you never have to worry about remembering to back up your data again.  Our software will recognize any changes you make to your "watched folders" and automatically upload them to an offsite server.  For more information on how the software works click here.

Now Available
Backup Bucket Plus

With backup bucket plus you get the full protection of backup bucket with an added thumb drive backup system.  With this thumb drive you can take an initial snapshot of your computer in it's working state. In the event you get hit with a virus or run into PC problems you can simply boot to the thumb drive and restore the snapshot back to exactly how it was the time the snapshot is taken!

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